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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Iron Chef Sturgeon and Elk battles

Today it was the Surgeon battle between Iron Chef Michael Symon and David Adjay from Toronto, whom I see on Restaurant Makeover show (which I have grown to like) on Food Network.

2 new judges that I have not seen along with the tried and true one who judges for Top Chef made it a difficult. There was a lot of sparring concerning the recipes, the fish, the tastes , the plating etc etc. I still thought the Iron Chef would win by +6. One judge did not like the plank with one recipe, couple had too much in the mix of the entrees with the sturgeon but still I thought Flay's had a little flair which is why I gave him the edge.

However when the chairman they have deliverated long and hard , I shouted "its a tie " and it was! Symon was up by 5 with the taste but suffered from -3 on plating and -2 on originally (which I found puzzling as I thought the Symon has more originality- the judges however had said that they did not find that the sturgeon was original to the dishes).

So I misjudged that too late.

Meanwhile earlier two chefs from Dallas, took on Bobby Flay in Battle Elk. I had Elk steak earlier this year at Jumping Catfish in Olathe, KS and it was very good. One recipe had habenaro mole (?) A Chipotle mollasses sauce with elk seemed interesting.

It was tough with all judges liking most of the dishes. I thought Flay would win by +4 but he LOST by 4. So I was 8 off. I am usually within 3 and on the side of the winner .

Better luck next time?

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