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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Go fish: Eating Fish everywhere

Tonight, there is a Sturgeon battle between Iron Chef America Michael Symon and Toronto chef and chef for the FN series which I have grown to like, Restaurant Makeover.

I had sturgeon aboard a train from Moscow to St. Petersburg. It was quite good. I remembered I had seen huge sturgeon in special ice glasses in tanks at the Worlds Fair in Montreal in 1963 when I was young.

I grew up in Rhode Island and we had fish all the time at home and when we went out to eat. I ate a lot of flounder too as well fish and chips. In NC and in Ann Arbor, MI where I worked and went to school as well, I ate in restaurants. When I got to Kansas, at first some fish was difficult to get but after a few years it was commonplace to find most fish.

I had butterfish (Barrundi) at Ming Tsai's place and the dish was amazingly good. In Mazatlan, Mexico, I had swordfish for breakfast. I love tuna but only recently have learned to cook it rare. Swordfish is also great on grill while Orange Roughy really tastes good if you marinate it in tomato juice for while first before barbecuing or putting in oven. Talapia I've had in several ways and cook it at home quite often. Red Snapper is real good and

Of course I love salmon, grilled in everyway. I also love lox, with creamcheese, a bagel, onion, capers, tomato. I also like kippers, smoked fish, sardines in tomato sauce or other ways.

I have had fish with Thai, Chinese, in chowders. I have not had a lot of ceiche but that is probably next. I like gefilte fish, had cioppini fish stews in San Francisco and different fish dishes including blackened (I love the spiciness) redfish in New Orleans. I've had other fried fishes too.

Go fish!

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