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Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloweens coming : which candy is your favorite poison and how many calories and fat?

I love Reeses Peanut butter cup and Butterfingers. I don't eat them often but no here is more food for thought why and information about other candies which you might want to check out.

This candied source of protein (ahem, peanut-butter indulgence) is higher in calories:

* Butterfinger (whole bar) 230 calories 13 grams fat
* Reese’s (two peanut butter cups) 270 claories 11 grams fat


Are You a Connoisseur About Calories in Candy? by
Eating this pack of candy will pack on the most post-Halloween chub:

* Starburst (whole pack)
* Sweet Tarts (whole pack)

Which of these caramel-chocolate candy combos is higher in calories?

* Riesen (four pieces)
* Milky Way (whole bar)

During Halloween, every kid's favorite house on the block is the one that invests in full-size candy bars. If your kid scores a full-size Nestlé Crunch bar, they won't be consuming any more calories than if they were scarfing down three mini-Crunch bars.

* True
* False

Which has more calories, 10 grotesquely festive gummy body parts or two mini-packs of Lifesavers Gummies?

* Frankford Gummy Body Parts
* Lifesavers Gummies

Which chocolate bar has more calories?

* Snickers
* KitKat
* Neither -- they contain the same number

When debating which candy to swipe from your kids' Halloween booty, you choose one serving of the marshmallow pumpkins, because the serving of candy corn has more calories:

* True
* False

One serving of this chocolate-covered treat has more calories:

* Raisinets
* Flipz Milk Chocolate Covered Pretzels

This nutty treat is more caloric:

* Peanut Brittle (one 1.4 oz serving)
* PayDay (whole bar)

Good & Plenty, the sweet, cylindrical licorice candies, look so similar to the fruity Mike and Ike that they must have the same number of calories per serving:

* True
* False

Which of these after-dinner breath fresheners has more calories?

* One York Peppermint Patty
* Junior Mints (16 pieces)
* Neither -- they contain the same

When you're faced with the dilemma of whether to "taste the rainbow" or nibble on bite-sized licorice, which path will lead to consuming more calories?

* Skittles (whole package)
* Twizzlers Nibs (whole package)

If you're craving a lower-calorie cocoa treat, don't choose this chewy candy:

* Tootsie Rolls (six pieces)
* Milk Duds (13 pieces)

Which gummy treat has more calories?

* Swedish Fish (seven pieces)
* Gummy Bears (17 pieces)

Can you guess which of these candies (balls of sugar) has more calories?

* Smarties (3 rolls)
* Jelly Bellies (35 Pieces)

If you're going to give in to your chocolate craving, this is the selection to avoid if you're counting calories:

* Hershey's bar
* 3 Musketeers bar

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