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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Eating in Las Vegas and high priced fish grub

On teacher salaries, we don't eat out at real expensive priced restaurants hardly at all. The most expensive places I have been over the years have been Al Forno's in Providence, RI; J Bar in Tucson, AZ and Ming Tsai's Blue Ginger near Newton, MA.

These restaurants were outstanding and our meals were too. They were different then the normal fare we eat at other restaurants locally and had dishes which were different and what I call above the level. But we did not pay $40 per person etc like some people do and order at places in Las Vegas and other places.

Recently on one of Emeril's shows he showed off recipes from his restaurant the New Orleans Fish house. It was meant to open up peoples' eyes about eating fish " in the desert." Apparently it not only opens up the wallets of the people but also their eyes.

I took a look at the trip advisor forum board which I have posted some of my reviews and look at other reviews.

Fish is not some place I would go to order $40 piece of fish entree. But many do. If you look at the reviews of the different rating on the food you will see it varies from excellent to poor which to me is not what I expected. I mean people have different tastes etc . But many of the reviews listed that the meals were not cooked well, some got food poisining (it does happen ), they thought the food was not worth and more. I can't understand how anybody would eat one of these high prices meals and then not send it back if it is not exactly done, what they expected etc (Some did and commented on it but others ate it and then complained in the review).

I was going to get a beef dish but the waiter suggested the special fish dish. On his suggestion, I ordered it and I am glad I did. (my food review is in the blog earlier toward last March).

My meal at Ming's Tsai's place was fish (barrundi) and it cost $26 and it was impressive because it was very different and was well plated, cooked perfectly and looked great too. I did not get sick.

I also look at the reviews of what people cooked from the recipes on the food channel and they are really interesting. I learn from their reviews whether they like the meal or not and even if they have tweaked the dishes and how and why. When that happens and I try different dishes that I make , I also post them here too.

Meanwhile if you eaten at real expensive places anywhere and either liked them or did not like the meal contact me and post your comments !

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