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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Appetizers and more

I went on egullet a gourmet network forum to look and see what was happening. I found this interesting and well written piece about hors doevures.

That got me thinking. My kids gave me a cookbook Appetizers, Finger Food Buffet & Parties by Bridget Jones. This one was possibly written in 2003

It has been updated and now is

here is my review
I started a gourmet food group that meets once a month. My kids gave me this book for a birthday present which ties in for several reasons. I have the older version of this book. As far as I know , beyond the different cover and the difference in the title, the contents are very similar. There are sections about party planning (including equipment and materials listing, table etiquette etc; presentation and buffets), organizing your party food ( planning points very well done; cooking plans, shopping and storage, cook ahead stay calm, simple presentation, garnishing and decorating ); party themes (setting, scenes, food style, planning finger food, portions kebab and cocktail snacks, fork food, even a great section on differnt types of fondue, children parties, BBQ entertaining (just what I needed for an upcoming BBQ theme party etc); and party basics. I found some very good additional hints and techniques to help our upcoming meetings. There are sections for Dips, finger food, light bites, brunches etc , sensational soups , appetizers, dinner parties and festive main courses , stylist salads , eating outdoors and desserts. There are good recipes here for satay, chicken dishes , paella and other finger foods beyond the ordinary finger food that you might encounter at parties. The ones I want to try first for an upcoming party are possibly Peruvian salad, 3 colored fish kabobs, ceviche, corn fritters, iced melon soup, asparagus and oranges. There is also a nice index.You can't go wrong with this book. It is an all in one, well done, photographed and laid out guide with excellent and helpful hints, techniques and directions .

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