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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Like rubs and marinades? Run and buy this book as soon as you can as you are really missing out

Marinades: Dry Rubs, Pastes and Marinades for Poultry, Meat, Seafood, Cheese and Vegetables (Paperback)
Run and buy this book as soon as you can as you are really missing out. I bought it in the 1990's and always still making fanatastic recipes from this book.. There are all kinds of US and worldy marinades, rubs and more. The contents divide the book into 10 categories including about marinades , rubs and pastes, stocking the pantry, vinegars, all tyes of marindes, even for shellfish, vegetables, lamb, and even rabbit, game birds, venison. Several marinades and rubs can be used for different meat etc. Also has section on salsas, chutneys, The directions are clear and easy to read. The index is well done. The chart "Marinades at a glance, is another way to find what you are looking for. There is short set of pages where to find and purchase Indian spices, Asian staples and more (but you really should be able to find most of the ingredients locally).
I have tried so many all excellent. These included spicy tomato marinade for fish (9.8/10); Thai marinade (9.8/10); Thai cocont (9.8/10); pineapple jalapeno salsa (9.8/10). Many more I have tried are a great just a tad less in my rating but fantastic none the less.


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