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Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Next Iron Chef tonight finale

Well tonight is the night Besh vs Symon for all the New Iron Chef marbles. But before that the last show
Donatella- she is so annoying, and her breasts were half way out of her dress. I loved it when the other guy said twice " do you know what you are talking about?"

It is picky time . It was what the guests liked and did not and the 3 judges.
The cheese soda root beer float was colorful and a hit (Symon)
Cos and Symon were noted for their lobster roll and lobster hot dog.
Besh's oyster dish was great
Judges did not think that Cos fruit desert was innovative enough
The Philly cheesesteak had few croutons and no bread and little if no cheese (what ?)

Donatella complained about the truffle lack of (she is so annoying)
one of the people complained about the potato chips (should have been something better) Cos?

Meanwhile each made their 3 meals in 3 hours with a wanna-be sous chef. I guess this was because the iron chefs are always working with people during their battles.

I have liked Symon for innovative and neuvo latino ways and his infectious laughter even since Food Network shows with Sanchez. He has come on strong and won out. But I like Besh's Moxie. Both tied or beat an Iron Chef so they are both worthy of being the Next Iron Chef.

I think the ingredient for the final will not be a meat, ham or such.
It could be sweet potato or something like that to tie in with the entrees.
I am out on the limb here and I am not sure why- but I predict
it will be so close or a tie that they will take both of them.
Otherwise I pick Besh by a hair. It will be a shame for either to lose.

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