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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Paradise India is heavenly

Paradise India on Urbanspoon
We love Thai and Indian food and I have eaten at such places all over the US and in the Kansas City area. We ate here at the buffet when it first opened and instantly proclaimed it one really liked. Since then we brought a big group of my food club group and they loved it too. We’ve eaten at several Indian places in KC (Indian Palace, Kormu Sutru and others which have come and gone or still remain). This is one of our top three ( we don’t care for Rucci). These 3 are always great but this place offers a little more vegetarian and slightly different flavors then the other places we like to give a hint of difference.
The grilled meats are nicely done, the Chicken Tikka Masala and Butter Chicken have great flavor. The crunchy vegetable pakoras and naan bread , the goat dishes are nicely done and have the right flavors.
We skip the "salad bar," items. I skip the chai as it goes through me like a “sieve” but my wife and others like it along with mango lassi ( which I love and is fine). The orange hued tandoori chicken and nicely browned chickpea pakoras are always good as well as the biryani rice peppered lamb.
I love the condiments but even I don’t try the hot pickle relish made with mustard, chili, fenugreek and more because it has a nasty type of heat and taste for my liking. The dark tamarind brown black tangy lemony sauce is always good and I love it as well as the minty green and other condiments. That is what I like about this and other Asian buffets, you pick what you want to choose and explore along the way. What could be better.One time then had spinach lamb or chicken saag (which my wife loves) and she was in heaven even more.
The rice pudding always finishes off our meals and it is glorious and silky.
The wait staff is most hospitable and cordial and it has fine quiet atmosphere.

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