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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Marsala: Are the rating for this restaurant wrong?

Masalas Authentic Indian Diner on Urbanspoon

Are the rating for this restaurant in Overland Park wrong? Indian food is remarkable, flavorful and has many much to offer for everyone’s palate. Sampling Indian and Asian restaurants and fare in the Kansas City area and the US, has always been a passion. Good Indian food at restaurants is enjoyment as there are so many different tastes to savor.

My curiosity was piqued when my attention was raised about this place after it replaced a Hawaiian restaurant. I've known about this one since it opened. My friends tried it and liked the buffet but trying it still not been achieved. Why? Because despite the majority of people giving this restaurant a 72% rating ( currently) , the feedback by many is anything less then stellar. In fact most reviews rate quite poor to fair. To me , the actual words and feedback by people after eating is far more an indicator then the percentage. From the reviews, the food does seem to be INCONSTANT with the food, service or tastes. Other comments seem to in reflect this mode as well (check out all comments not top ones).

Because of these reviews posted by others , I feel I will not waste my money on this place. I won’t even "Bite the bullet because there are too many other Indian restaurants locally that I like that are consistent. I don’t have to wonder when I am going in “what am I in for - good or bad food, food service etc”. I am all for an adventure but this place seems to have many "roadblocks ". I don't want to waste my $$$$. So I will go elsewhere.

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