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Monday, May 11, 2009

Restaurant Finds: New Italian restaurant from Mini chain now in Leawood

I don’t understand why the Neely’s, from the Food Channel’s Road Tasting TV show selected this mini chain to dine at while in Kansas City . I did not see that episode but so hearing more about it would give me a possible better understanding to their reasoning. They usually focus on "home grown, mom and pop" restaurants.

I would not call this mini- chain one that belongs. To be truthful, I have never heard of this mini-chain. Italian is my favorite to make but usually not to go out to eat. Growing up in Providence, RI, we ate a lot of Italian. In fact all I can remember is eating either Italian, Fish or Jewish cooking. My favorite in the Kansas City area is Cinzetti’s is my favorite Italian go to Italian restaurant. However my wife was going to the one in Leawood, KS to the new one, with her ladies group. So I would hear about it later on that nice.

Seems that most people on Urbanspoon like the Paninis and the place which ever spot they frequented. The menu had hot and cold Italian panini (sandwiches) and vegetable ones. There are also 7 different then pizzas and also 3 Pizza Bianca (white Pizzas). Calzones, Specialties ( spinach pie, cheese garlic bread, garlic bread) and 7 filled pizzas. More pasta entrees (10) and salads (7), soups, chips. Nice array of desserts (12). So they offer a variety of different Italian fare at rather reasonable prices. But the “ proof is in the pudding “ so what did my wife think and would it be worth it going ourselves? She liked the vegetable lasagna. I could see why as it consisted of foods that she loves. Layers of pasta with eggplant, squash, peas , mozzarella, Parmesan cheese topped with marinara and white cream sauce. Until we get there together and I write more, I will have to find a recipes in my cookbooks. "On Top of Spaghetti", from the chefs at the top flight Providence, RI restaurant , Al Forno, is my Italian cooking “bible”. There are few to try. So stay tunes on my blog until we get to back to one of the locations. If I come I would like to try one of the Paninis. The different ones sounded good and as reasonable prices. So why not?

Cupini's Italian Market on Urbanspoon

Cupini's on Urbanspoon

Cupini's on Urbanspoon

Cupini's on Urbanspoon

Cupini's on Urbanspoon

1 comment:

Cheryl R. said...

Try Johnny Cascones if you're looking for Italian in Overland Park, KS. Cinzetti's is cheap (not bad, but cheap) Italian. Growing up in an Italian family I thought someone ought to bring up something that didn't seem like it came from the grocery store freezer aisle.