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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Restaurant Finds: Taco Bueno

Taco Bueno on Urbanspoon I watched as this place in Olathe, was being built from the ground up. When I found it was going to be a “taco” place, I wondered "how good could it be?". I mean would it be in the class of Taco Bell and “ make me run for the border ” or would it be better, a notch above your fast food Mexican places. I am happy to say it is better.
I don’t frequent taco fast food places very often. Tacos are usually part of a my main entree on a meal at full fledged Mexican or Tex-Mex restaurants. I walked in and while talking with the amiable counter women, I asked about some of the items on the menu. I just wanted a little “bite” so I went for the beef soft shell taco. If was $1.00 but I wondered: why is the chicken version was 69 cents more? I took the soft shell taco over to the very nice condiment salsa bar. This is a nice touch indeed. I really liked that I could spoon which condiments and the amount I wanted. There were two kinds of salsa, sliced jalapeno peppers and more. I thought it was funny that there were signs for the “fork” and “spoon”. But the taste of the taco was not a joke. It was very flavorful. The beef and the taco shell were very fresh tasting. The beef combined so well with the tomatoes, the vegetables and the salsa condiments and was quite savory. I was mildly surprised. While one little meal cannot for tell the quality of a place, I can say I that this tasting was a “level above the ordinary”. And that's what I look for especially as a reason for coming back someday and sample some of the offerings. The Cheesecake chimichanga would be one I'd like to sample.

1 comment:

Christina said...

Nothing on the Taco Bueno menu dissapoints, and the amount of food you receive for the money you spend is more than fair!

I lived in Dallas for a year and made a regular stop through Bueno for MexiDips and Chips. I was so excited to see a Bueno here in Kansas City, and I will often drive out of my way.

My regular is a MexiDips and Chips with Muchaco and Medium drink, for about $5. You get a plate full of fresh, crispy chips with queso and refried beans (in tortilla bowls) and a nicely sized portion of fresh guacomole. A muchaco rounds out the meal - like an overstuffed taco in a soft flatbread type of shell - oh so good. The medium drink is the size of any other place's large, and you may help yourself to free refills as you wish.

I did try the tamale platter last time I visited the Blue Springs Bueno - and it was very satisfying and full of flavor.

Even vegetarians, health conscious, and children will enjoy Taco Bueno. On Wednesdays, kids meals are just 99 cents. They come with a taco, burrito, or quesadilla, cinnamon chips (but they will sub nacho chips), a drink, and currently, a VeggieTales toy.

Try out Bueno. You will not regret it!!!