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Friday, January 9, 2009

Urbanspoon- now this is a real gourmet food website/ forum

I found out about Urbanspoon through the iPhone adds on TV. What I found , impressed me quite a lot. It is the best forum I have found for people to find restaurants , reviews and do that more easily.
(1) The interface is extremely nice looking with good blend of pleasing colors
(2) The hierarchy of how you can find restaurants is quite good (the only thing it is sometimes to find certain cities as they are under a major city then one you might have thought about )
(3) Usually you go through the city or state and zone, you can find a list of the different types ethnic / types of foods etc
(4) Sometimes it is best to find the county then city then ethnic / types of foods etc
(5) You can input whether you like the restaurant or not and a % yields the ranking of the restaurants in the town/city and/or under the ethnic / types of foods
(6) Anyone can post a review or post a review linked to your website/blog ( you need to copy the code for that restaurant (there are several codes to use from bigger to smaller) into your blog editor.
(7) You can also indicate if a restaurant is one you indicate as your favorite or one for you wishlist
(8) There is a % breakdown of the different restaurants visited by city/town area and ethnic / types of foods.
(9) There are also links to reviews to local newspapers and more.
(10) you can link to urbanspoon friends and vica versa
(10) there are rankings according to the points by reviewers for each city area (#1, #2..) that are updated regularly based on the points.
I am still trying to find out more. But until I watch what others are saying and try to review what I have restaurants I have ate at over the years. My collection of menus comes in real handy.

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