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Monday, January 19, 2009

This location is cozy but I am not a fan of Starbucks coffee

Starbucks Coffee on UrbanspoonSorry but I never have and never will be a fan of the coffee. It just tastes wrong (has chicore or something in it). I have never been to any Starbucks location. But this location opened up and we had a free card, so we came to this very small, cozy little place. My wife liked the tea and I drank the coffee but I was not impressed. This time I came myself to read a little,check out the ambiance and try some different coffee. This place is small but has some nice sofa chairs, wifi (now) , take out window and a display of many of the coffees, teas, cakes and (this one now) has 8 breakfast items.Its quiet most of the time except when you hear the "shwooshing" of the specialty coffee machines and the clanking of pots/pans. I tried the Pike's Place (I've been there) coffee and was okay but I prefer MacDonalds coffee (sorry). I know they have “their bottom line” so they charge extra for more (regular) coffee. You can get a Starbucks card and their other perks as well extra refills. There are different types of teas, , fruit drinks and dessert type items so there is more then just coffee. I hope this location continues (seems to be doing okay) as I would like to come back and sip some coffee in the cozy chairs , use the wifi, and try a breakfast item. I can do that at home too but the ambiance is nice. So while I don't like the coffee much, I like the "inside" comfy feeling so I will have to give it a "thumbs up." There is something to be said for this location/place even though the main item is not my "cup of tea".

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