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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Tasty pickles, awesome chocolate cake, good fish and huge menu

Gregg's on Urbanspoon
This place has family and "regular" food fare. That and the fact that it is mini chain with 4 places around RI, is another one of reasons why I don't normally frequent a place like this, while traveling the country. But my brother and his family are regulars here so when I came into town, I went for a ride. Supposedly it's a mainstay has it had wholesome food, good prices and a variety of dishes of all sorts. As a gastronomic explorer, I wanted to get an idea of how the food tasted and whether it was better then regular fare.
They have the signature yellow green chip like pickles which were dished out when we arrived. Crisp, tangy and different. There's lots to choose from and that is a good problem as I have hard time making up my mind looking for something new or unusual to try (soups, appetizers, salads, burgers, sandwiches, dinner favorites, Gregg's favorites, sandwiches, RI traditions, clubs, pastries/cakes, deli , pasta dinners, cakes and homestyle pies and cheesecakes, and even low fat entrees). Since it's RI and New England and I remember when I used to eat baked scrod in Providence restaurants, i chose that. It was moist, with flakey crust nicely baked with the sweet potato and rice. We share the huge piece of their premier chocolate cake and it was amazingly moist and chocolate laden. There is much to like about this place, the menu, the variety of fare and the prices. I have vote this place thumbs up because of this. However it's not my type of place to come again as I look for fare that takes food to other levels. But if my brother wants us to come I will. There is enough variety to find regular food again.

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