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Monday, January 5, 2009

I love Lemon grass so the chicken wings caught my eye

4 Seasons on UrbanspoonOriginally from Providence but now living in Kansas, I come back home to visit family but also to hunt for different types of food and restaurants to sample. When I was back here, I was around the Zoo area on my way back to the East side. I spied this restaurant and decided to give a try as I had never seen it before. I found the menu had quite a few Thai, Vietnamese and other Asian fare. Noodles, Pad Thai, soups . noodle soups, luncheon specials, mooshi (their spelling) pancake dishes (with chicken , veg, shrimp) , appetizers and more so there is lots to choose from. The Bahn Hoi looked interesting ( Bun is standard rice noodle vermicelli while I found that Bahn Hoi is a thinner rice noodle, but it is cooked in small, thin, flat panels. The bahn hoi takes more time and effort to prepare so its a little more time intensive to prepare). But I just wanted a snack so since I like Lemon Grass, I thought I would try the Lemon Grass chicken wings which are a Thai specialty ( I thought they would be Vietnamese but no matter the menu said Thai). Lemongrass has a nice fragrant lemony taste subtle then strong lemon juice but distinct. With the peanut sauce it was a good combination and I was happy to try something different and taking flavors to a different level). Sometime when I go back and in the area, I will have to try the soup and other Asian entrees as see if the rest of the food is as good as chicken wings and Lemongrass ( P.S.Since I like to try out later, while cooking, what I find in restaurants try lemongrass. It comes in thin stalks, make sure you crush or hit the stalks to make the fragrance come out and then cut them into little tiny strips . You can also try the paste.)

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