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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Gastronomic Musings

Gastronomy is the “art or science of good eating or a style or custom of cooking or eating”. This differs from the word “culinary” which pertains to much that “ is used in the kitchen or cookery” . I have thought about and applied information about my travels and food and more through my writings in this blog. But for all intensive purposes, these writing have been identified in these two categories. So I am glad that I am finally able to “ see the light “ and finally decipher and compare the two. All of these writings are part of my explorations, part synthesis/reflection and part conclusive ideas related to the “sums” of the parts, my thoughts and ideas, relating to tastes, foods, recipes, ingredients and more. I am always seeking to take these adventures to “another level”, whether in Kansas City, outside of the United States or in the kitchen. Where ever they originate from, the writings go from my thoughts, to computer to blog and hopefully read by many others. I hope one or more of my culinary exploits and thoughts or ideas connect with you all. If you have additional thoughts or ideas relating to gastronomic musings, (coming up weekly and monthly), let me know. More musings coming up s’il vous plait (if you please).

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