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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Yahooz on Urbanspoon
I had started a new group for gourmet cuisine lovers who wanted to get together each month. The purpose was to either have a themed party at a home or come together to eat at a new restaurant. For our first meeting, I chose Yahooz. The choice of the selection focused on the fact that I have seen this place from the road for many years but have we had never eaten here. My decison was a good choice for the most part.
It is nicely paneled with wooden beams and is a very handsome looking place inside. Quiet enough during these brunch hours to talk, converse and eat. And there was lots to choose from.
There were egg dishes and salads to start off. The beef ribs were meaty and moist. There were many other entree including spiced BBQ chicken and much more. This brunch cost $18 apiece which was a good deal considering this was the price (and above) of many of the entrees you will find most night for dinner. Most of the dishes are southwestern fare with steaks, fish, BBQ and more. All the entrees, sides and more were executed extremely well.
We all were glad we came and it was a nice cuisine adventure. Of course the company was just as good as the meal. We wanted a cozy place place and it is. The food is varied and everything tasted quite good. If you like regular American type fare with a Southwestern flare this is great. I can't complain. If we would come here again it would be for the brunch where you can pick and choose what you want for one price. But normally I would go for something a little more exotic with different taste, at reasonable prices. For us, that is the best way to go if we come back.

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