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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Aspara Palace : Best Asian food I have found in Providence

Apsara Palace on UrbanspoonI grew up in Providence, went to URI and now live near Kansas City. When I return to visit, I hunt for Thai or Asian fare. Some places were okay or mediocore/poor (including Gourmet House). Then walking by I finally noticed this place just south. I have been coming back and forth to Providence and did not know about this great place which was just around the corner from us! I found it rivals any Asian restaurant that I have eaten in different parts of the US. This restaurant is not to be missed. I checked out this place before inviting my friends from Mass. The chicken dish (forgot which one was excellent). I liked the look of the place. Their menu is extensive. I was glad I picked this place . The food is awesome. My cousin who comes here all the time walked in as we were there and she never told me about this place ( they come here all the time). The service is great. The menu is extensive and there are specials. They even let you bring your own wine. The salmon green curry soup was superb and had the right amount of spiciness and had lots of salmon chunks. My friends suggested Peking Duck (which I never had before and I love duck). They responded that it was as good they said as is made in Beijing where they have been several times. The rest of the meals and appetizers all were great and we had a great time. Even my mother who is not a Chinese/ Asian eater, raved about it. You can bet I will be back here when I come to Providence. If you like Thai or Asian or etc you need to try this place. You will be hooked as I am . It is that good!

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Cristina said...

I mostly like chines Asian food, but there is only one product i like westren is Chocolate Covered Strawberries this is a different taste i think