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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Johnny;s Brusco's New York Style Pizza Tasty entrees, awesome stromboli and good prices

Johnny Brusco's New York Style on UrbanspoonMy friends told me about this place where they come now almost weekly. That said and the Mini Garlic bread knots were awesome. Well I had to come along with them and see for myself. They were righ. This place has tasty out of the ordinary entrees and more then just pizza ( salads, subs and much more). The portions are huge. Those doughy knots were garlicky and swimming olive oil and pieces of garlic. Great to dip in and drizzle on anything else we ordered. My friends loved the pizzas, the eggplant parmesian in the house tomato sauce and the chicken caesar salad. I ordered the syracuse sttuffer stromboli and boy was it ever. The baked dough was savory and about as big as my arm! The mild cheese had nice chunks of steak , veggies. It was so huge I left 2/3 to take home. They nicely left a little container of the tomato sauce which by the way had a unique flavor. The chunky sauce has lots of tomato flavor, very fresh and with garlic and some other spices I could not identify (cilantro?). The menu has a wide variety of entrees including italian dinners, specialty pizzas (many toppings) , wraps, subs . The prices are very reasonable and priced right. Supposedly students come here all the time and I can see why. I can't wait to come back. My only problem is what should I try next ?

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