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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Endless Shrimp

This is the single worst promotion ever created by Red Lobster.

I have to admit I have gone to AYCE shrimp once. It was good. I ordered quite a few rounds and was surprised how I disliked the coconut shrimp ( I need a chutney with it or orange marmalade or something).

So when I saw the advertizing on TV, I wanted to find out how much it cost again and comments. Well luckily I found this site/ forum/ blog.

Very interesting all these comments. Almost all very true especially about the tipping. Do people from the other buffets that have shrimp skip and go to RL for this instead as someone suggested.

Well when I want a shrimp fix and more for half the price I go to a my local Chinese mongolian grill restaurant. There I get different types of shrimp ( raw, fried, etc) and I get as much as I want when i want it . Yeah there is no scampi and some of the other kinds but you have to figure out the poison you want in your system.

I don't just gorge on shrimp but I got quite a few.I am not used to just eating shrimp so a buffet is better for me.

The buffet has so much more. I did watch some huge people wolfing down stuff. I can really pack it in but I am not huge by any means.

I do feel sorry for the waiter/esses who have to wait on customers endlessly over hours for minimal tip that hog seats.

I don't know if I ever go back to AYCE shrimp (my wife does not eat shellfish) especially after reading you all comments.

Thanks for the comments. I will write about this in my food blog .

Hints for pigging out on shrimp record:
(1) Don't touch the biscuits, salad, or side.
(2) Drink only water
(3) Order the next refill when you receive a refill, it takes a while for them to bring it out.
(4) The shrimp pasta really kills you, so don't eat the pasta.
(5) Try to dry off the scampi before digesting it.
(6) Try to get a friendly competiton or get the waiters to bet on who will win.

By the way, shrimp is not very healthy as many have mentioned.


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