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Friday, August 22, 2008

Big eats

These were features on the Travel Channel.
I have not been to this big buffet
I have been to this famous restaurant in Las Vegas the Bellagio in Las Vegas. I still can't believe that some friends too us out to an absolutely horrendous restaurant with old cars on a wall and dreadful food instead of this places restaurant.
Biggest burger (10.5 lbs) is a monster and even could not eat the whole thing (people are given 4 hours!) ! However there is a bigger one for 123 lbs!
Castaway buffet has an amazing overlook and food looks good too.
Brazilian BBQ (there is now several here in the Kansas City area starting at $38 dinner or $19 for lunch)

But I love the Japanese chinese buffet in Lawrence, Kansas with their all your can eat sushi and very good asian salmon and other asian fare.

As for the best Italian, some people disagree with me but I think there is not a better place for Italian food then Cinzzettis

When I want good food at a good price and great variety we try Cinzetti's in Overland Park, KS.
Just look at the menu of offerings

(some are not available at lunch)
When we really want to go for Italian fare, we take our kids and guests here. Not only is there an amazing variety of choices but the quality is amazing. When we took out my brother-in-law he could not believe the variety but then exclaimed " and you get that you want to choose from the desserts too for the same price?". I usually start with awesome calamari, tomato soup, salad and then the spedini and everything else. I usually do tapas and go around starting with salads and then sampling all different types.

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