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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Book review: The Korean Kitchen

I have quite a few Asian and other cookbooks. I have been to several Korean restaurants, tried some and found recipes in these books I have and on the internet. My two kids gave me this book as a present (it is the older one from 1993). The author writes for many magazines but it seems like he is more a traveler then a chef. But still he must like the food enough to be able to write about it and post the 140 recipes in the book. The book does not have photos but that does not bother me. I can cook and I don't need the fancy photos. It is the ingredients and the instructions that are important. The ingredients are easy to find and use. American based measurements are used so you don't have to hunt. The Seng Sun bulgogi BBQ (spiced fish) was very good (9.7/10). I marinated the fish with the paste and put the fish on my gas grill. Fish came out great with a little kick to it and a level above average stuff which is what I look for. It was different. There is a good variety of recipes for kimchi (spiced cabbage), vegetables, soups, rice and noodles and meat and poultry.I've only gotten started but you can bet I will try more of the recipes. It's a good place to start with Korean recipes if you want to go beyond regular Chinese. (PS Don't be scared that the recipes might be too hot. They aren't but you can always scale the ingredients up or down a bit. So don't let Korean, Thai, Vietnamese or other Asian foods scare you away because you think it is too spicy (which is what I always hear). You don't know what you are missing if you don't go beyond Chinese.)

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