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Monday, April 28, 2008

So how was your Passover?

Passover is a holiday I don't mind at all including the Sedars and matzoh. I just try different recipes and try new meals.
Most people know that Charleton Heston (sorry Moses) led the Hebrews out of Egypt and were pursued by Yul Brenner (sorry King Pharoah) and were saved when the waters crashed in demolished the The Egyptians).

The Sedar plate has the bitter herb ( on the top right) that symbolize the life in Egypt when the Hebrews were slaves.

After the traditional prayers, reading of the Hagadah book and drinking of wine, we eat usually something green like parsley . We dig into the haroses, bitter horseradish ( I like the one use that looks red as it has Beet Juice in it). On matzoh, it is supposed to burn a little in the throat. Then trying some with charoses (nuts, fruit and more mixture) calms things down.

Some people don't like gefilte fish but I really like it as a side, snack or with meal especially with the horseradish. There are sweet kinds and less sweet.
Then we have chicken soup with the venerable matzoh balls. We break ours up and add some matzoh.
The rest of the meal consists of vegetables (like asparagus), sweet salmon (reddish), roasted vegetables ( eggplant, peppers and more), brisket, jello mold, fried potatoes. But my favorite is the sweet sour meat cabbage rolls. I finally made them myself this year and they came out pretty well but I am still experimenting.

Since I began dating my wife, we always went to the first sedar to her friend's house in Overland Park. We still do and it always super . However this time I could not taste a lot because I had a cold but I still ate.

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