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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Coffee Seattle's Best

I like coffee but not Starbucks blend. It is has chicoree or something in it and it tastes syrupy. I prefer Seattle Best coffee that I found at Borders in Overland Park, KS. There is a blend called Henry's blend which I like.

I buy a bag of it (some say buy coffee that was roasted 7 days or less ago) ground . They grind it. But I learned " Ground coffee loses a lot of its aromatics in the first minute after being ground" so I might have to rethink my methods.

Later I then have it percolated at home. I usually drink it with ice as iced coffee with some cream or milk substitute. It tastes so good I don't even need sugar. Sometimes I even put a little in with my cereal to give it an an added zip of flavor.What is nice is there is a "frequent flyer card" from Borders that you can use with your orders, drinks, etc. I got a free drink of my choice - a mango soda for free. Nice perk.

Coffee importances

I use am old Mr.Coffee to brew my coffee for hot coffee. I use paper filters but I read now cloth filters may be the better way. I then put the brewed coffee in the frig for ice coffee later. Others say only brew what you can make it in 20 minutes but I don't mind some waiting around. Maybe I am not that picky yet?

At AOL, I find some information that I needed to know. I've been doing things wrong! I knew air and light are enemies of coffee freshness. I've been storing the coffee bag in a plastic sealed bag but I was doing it wrong. The fridge and freezer are BIG no-nos ! Needed to be stored in either in a cupboard or an opaque container. If you're storing it in a bag, force the air out before

The ideal coffee-to-water ratio for the perfect cup is?

Well, that's up to your personal taste. A good starting point is 1 heaping tablespoon per 8 oz of coffee you want to end up with. Note - that's coffee coming out, not water going in. Experiment with your coffee maker. Some say 4 oz. to 1 tablespoon.to find something different. It tastes fine but could the coffee taste even better??

Maybe an inexpensive French press (a.k.a. press pot) might be the answer?

This is how it works.

I will have to look around for one , see how much it costs and see if it worth it. I found more information about this device on this web page

Also I found this very nice coffee website




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