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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Tucson, Moonsoon chasing, hummingbird chasing and Tucson's JBar with good eats

Got to Tucson on July 24,2007.
I took some shoots of the monsoon weather in the town before ducking into a Mexican restaurant and wait things out.

I went to my friends house and stayed at the house that night. What was interesting that on the news that night, a local forecaster showed scud in the sky and told the audience that some people has mistaken the scud for a funnel tornado . He explained with visuals how the scud is airlifted moisture that condenses etc. Nice that they inform the public about misidentification like what I did in my course the week before in Kansas.

( next day: sorry could not found the picture in the newspaper with the woman on the top of her car with raging water turrent around her)

Looking over the newspaper that morning, I saw that the monsoon really struck in some area.Took off early on the 24th, heading 1.5 hours south to Sierra Vista. Stopped off at Ramsey Canyon to get my wife a hummingbird shirt and hummingbird coasters (they have a real nice store of all things hummingbirds and nature).

I headed to Hereford, AZ ( a mile wide town next to Sierra Vista) and the Beatty's Ranch where I was last year. This time I would stay two days. I photograph and videotape to my hearts content and could get closer to the hummies to get more closeups with the camera.

Weather was great. I met a teacher from Houston and other people. I went into Sierra Vista and had a spicey chicken lunch in a nice rustic Japanese Place (Tom Sellick the actor had been there and had an autograph on a plate) and a korean place was very good. The Delicos Italian restaurant was once again very good too with their excellent eggplant dish and a chicken dish.

These birds are so funny. I could sit 2-3 feet away from one feeder with other feeders farther away. Some would drink from the feeders evenwhile others buzzed around and tried to chase others away. Some would stay only 10 seconds or less and it was too fast to get the pic.

I identified 10 varieties. Here are some pics.

On the 26th , I headed NW. I took some pics of the scenery as I then headed Southwest toward Patagonia (another hummingbird haven).

Along the way I stopped to photograph huge monsoon storm cells. Storm cells dumped water in the distance.

An hour later, I made it to Patagonia. I had to go through a "dry" road bed to get to the hummingbird place.

As I rounded the street and corner to go over the dry stream bed , this is what I saw.

Gosh knows how long it would be until the water subsided for this stream bed so I headed back to Tucson. I will try next year to see this hummingbird area.

I took my friends out for dinner. We decided to go to one of the best and well known restaurants in Tucson J-Bar. Great prices for the summer. Appetizer of ground lamb was very good. Special entrees included a vegetable dish which the wife liked (she is a former sous chef for the American restuarant . My astronomy friend got the spicy pork.
J Bar on UrbanspoonI took the plantain encrusted chicken which was great. Then we all shared the signature desert- chocolate jalapeno parfait. Superb!!!( I found a recipe for these and will have to make them). A great and memorable meal/ dinner.

I had some time to kill before going to the airport. My friends took me hiking with a group at Mt. Lemmons. Things were partly cloudy when we got to the base camp area. But as we traveled the trail, the weather became cloudy, with thunder and pouring rain. I did not have much with me so I was soaked and my camera in my case got a little soaking (I will always from now on bring at least 1 big plastic bag in these situations to put the camera in ). We got down the mountain. I won the wet T shirt contest.

I was so afraid the camera was fried along with the pictures. I took out the battery and wiped the inner battery area and let it rest and prayed. To test the camera before using for a party, I put the battery back in and turned on as I prayed for it to work. IT DID!!!! Wewwwww.

Memorable trip, food, a little 2 Monsoon chases and good hummingbird company. Met some nice people. Beatty's Ranch and people are very nice. Maybe next year Poca Cosa if they are not vacationing.

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